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Systematic Modular Design

The basis of the high flexibility is a modular system with freely combinable components. This allows optimal cost-efficient individualized adjustments, using tried and tested components.

  Patented Copper Catalyzer

The lamella design significantly contributes to improving the distillate.

The innovative catalyzer technology guarantees a reduction of unwanted acid content as well as cyanide and ethyl carbamate levels well below the legally stipulated limits. A complete cleaning does not require dismounting of any parts. To suit lower ceiling heights, the catalyzer can also be mounted at the side of the distillery. Due to the vertical design of the lamella catalyzer, the distillation process does not require any pressure, which achieves excellent flow conditions and maximum efficiency. Sensory and scientific studies conducted by Hohenheim University have demonstrated the indisputable qualitative advantages of distillates produced with our catalyzer.
Copper Tube Dephlegmator

The copper tube bundle makes it possible to install a maximum heat exchange area in the smallest space.
Optimized Fine Distillation Columns for Highly Aromatic Distillates

Integrated, proven system with individually engageable, specially coordinated fine distillate bottoms with maximized copper contact surface.

Our agitators are perfectly adjusted to and designed for all unit types. We rely on low-speed, extremely low-noise agitators with a specially developed blade geometry for gentle processing of all mash types.
Copper Still

Made from tempered, massive copper in hemispherical design.

Filling Unit

Innovative technology here as well. Our side-mounted filling unit is patented and unique in Germany.
Special Pomace Outlet Nozzle

For pomace distillates, we offer an oversized outlet with a diameter of up to 300 mm and a quick-release opening mechanism.
Water Bath

Extra-large stainless steel water bath and large flue gas cooler (standard feature).
Coolant Collector Tank

Space-saving cylinder or rectangular design..
Cooling Tube

Water-saving and highly efficient!

Steam or water bath. Our high-performance units are equipped with devices for quick and even raw material heating.

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