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Commercial units

Special tasks require innovative and flexible concepts.

The conceptualization, design and implementation of special equipment is one of our most important production areas. Our extremely flexible production technology and logistics enable us to realize special units as well.


Globally operating producers with internationally awarded brand name products rely on Holstein's proven distillation technology.


We supply equipment for batch processing with filling capacities of up to 6000 l as well as continuous processing equipment with capacities of up to 5000 l per hour. Our customers comprise leading producers of fine distillates and internationally renowned alcohol producers. Consulting, assembly, start-up operation and service are carried out directly on-site.


The product variety enabled by our equipment knows virtually no limits. No matter whether our technology is used for producing premium fruit distillates, whiskey, vodka, grappa, gin, tequila or aquavit. All Holstein units share two things in common: a comprehensive, high quality standard and reliable distillation technology. That's the payout for what we are and stand for: decades of experience in all alcohol production sectors, innovative concepts implemented with traditional craftsmanship, and global presence and expertise when in comes to assembly and service. In the product development and quality assurance areas, we maintain a close cooperative partnership with our customers.