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As a leading manufacturer of distillation equipment, we supply special units for small distilleries with capacities of 5 to 150 liters. For commercial and sealed distilleries as well as industrial alcohol production, filling capacities range from 150 to 6000 liters.


Our product range also includes methanol removal units and distillation equipment for continuous processing. Assembly, start-up and service are carried out directly on-site anywhere in the world. We supply the right distillation unit for producing the finest premium fruit distillates, such as Williams, kirsch, mirabelle, plum brandy, raspberry brandy and Calvados as well as for producing whiskey, vodka, rum, cognac, armagnac, grappa, arrack, gin, tequila, ouzo, raki and aquavit.
Our own range of products also comprises fruit processing machines, including sieve juicers, inclined conveyors and agitators, all of which are described on this website. To round out our assortment, we also supply the full range of production materials and devices required for mash preparation.