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Automation technology

Each and every one of our units can be controlled and managed in various ways. All systems are perfectly coordinated proprietary developments - from the basic manual control system up to the comprehensive, fully automated, modular computer control system. Modular computer control system: convenient, simple and safe!

Control - Manage - Save Energy
The control system monitors and manages the entire distillation process. Characteristic values can be stored so that each new distillation process can access the same parameters. If required, modifications can be made at any time during the distillation process - by simply using the touch screen control unit A control system that manages virtually all processes. Heating and distillation speed, dephlegmator target temperature, complete separation of head, heart and tail cuts as well as integrated product pre-selection according to fruit type. The rinsing procedure can also be automated and timer-controlled for each section of the unit - the pertinent information is clearly structured and displayed in a user-friendly manner.

Alcohol Managemant
Integrated alcohol reservoirs for all fractions. Manually or automatically selectable. The reservoirs are equipped with pump control systems and level switches. The digital concentration and volume data recording for the various fractions facilitates effective company-internal production planning.

  • Fully automated distillation process
  • Integration into existing IT systems
  • Automated filling and emptying of unit