Bonded distilleries

Proper when it comes to customs: Due to alcohol production laws, capping measures are required in certain countries. Our units can be equipped accordingly with a single and/or double closure, alcohol dial indicator, as well as sealable alcohol collection containers. For raw spirit and fine distillate combinations, for a fill content of 150 to 10,000 litres.

Alcohol dial indicator – Precise alcohol management

  • Patented – proven over many years in action
  • with downpour of 0.5 l and 1 l
  • for distillation units with fill content of 100 l to 5,000 l
  • Separation of pre-, mid-, and post flow is possible following the dial indicator.
  • Output: up to 90 l/h

Continuous units / methanol removal units

Large quantities of raw materials. The highest distillate standards. Efficient processing.
For continuous production. Holstein delivers the unit!

  • Intermittent for batch operation (fill content up to 10,000 l)
  • Continuous (hourly capacity maximum 5000 l /h)
  • Methanol removal units (guaranteed compliance with legally prescribed methanol limit values)

All of our units are custom-made based on specifications with regard to the raw material quantities and types.

Our concept takes all the steps into account – from raw material intake to distillate storage. With a wide selection of customised options for unit parameters.
For your top quality, high grade end products

High performance rectifying column

Our high performance columns for the effective rectification and cleaning of the distillate can easily produce alcohol concentrations of up to 96 % vol – in any desired grade of purity