The spirit of craftsmanship

Quality you can see and taste.

High grade materials, primarily copper and stainless steel, are carefully processed to make Holstein units. The hand-welded seams for instance, are a visible indication of guaranteed impermeability and long-lasting durability. Furthermore, they look beautiful and their aesthetic highlights the value of our units. Other visible signs of quality are the masterful hammer finish and the polished technique. They provide an unsurpassed smooth surface structure for high compaction of the copper and maximum stability. Naturally, our sophisticated distillation technology can be smelled, tasted and enjoyed – in the distilled product. In addition, we are represented on the commission of various associations so we have experts for sensory quality among our ranks.

Naturally, our quality standard applies to all areas. We also exclusively use only high grade materials, like stainless steel, in our fruit processing units and devices, thereby creating a basis for hygienically flawless production processes.

Sophisticated assortment for distillates

As a leading manufacturer of units, we supply distilleries for small fill quantities from 5 to 150 litres, as well as for commercial and industrial fill quantities between 150 and 10,000 litres. There are hardly any limitations when it comes to product variety. We supply units to produce the finest fruit distillates, such as Williams pear, cherry brandy, mirabelle plum brandy, plum brandy, raspberry brandy and calvados, as well as whiskey, vodka, rum cognac, armagnac, grappa, arrak, gin, tequila, ouzo, raki and aquavit. Our assortment also includes continuously operating distillation and methanol removal units.