Drums & containers

Filling, storing, shelf life

With this versatile drum you can produce your own beverages, keep them fresh for months, and conveniently tap it daily – without heating and without adding any chemical preservatives.

  • Sweet cider and/or cider with any level of alcohol content
  • low-alcohol sweet cider
  • fermented beverages (wine, cider, beer, sparkling wine)
  • Soda water and/or mild carbonated water
  • Advantage: TÜV-monitoring for highest safety
  • Scope of supply: Drum, stainless steel uptake pipe with dispenser and stainless steel ball valve with drainage elbow. Fitting with pressure gauge, safety valve and blind plug for gas connection valve

Content: 50 l  //  Diameter: 395 mm  //  Drum height: 532 mm  //  Weight: 12.5 kg

For storing juices and sweet ciders without preservatives.
Ideal for producing hot sterile sweet cider.

  • with air-tight oil floating lid and additional snap-on lid
  • outlet welded for optimum hygiene, not screwed
  • container with mirror-smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • ventilation slits for optimum ventilation
  • Matching accessories: Stainless steel flat immersion heater with thermometer for hot sterilisation of juices
ContentDiameterDrum heightWeight
65 l350 mm765 mm8 kg
110 l440 mm765 mm10 kg
170 l550 mm765 mm15 kg

In addition to the right fruit and a good recipe, the drum plays the most important role. Not only does it have to be air-tight, it also has to be able to preserve aroma and bouquet for many months. Above all, it must keep harmful bacteria out that could penetrate through the air and the drum material.

  • made from low pressure polyethylene PE
  • with handles
ContentDiameterDrum height
12 l260 mm350 mm
20 l310 mm418 mm
30 l340 mm470 mm
60 l400 mm610 mm
120 l500 mm800 mm
60 l510 mm350 mm520 mm
100 l610 mm418 mm620 mm
200 l800 mm470 mm770 mm
300 l870 mm610 mm870 mm
500 l1.100 mm800 mm1.040 mm

Airlock and plug available as accessories.