Additional accessories

everything for your distillation unit

Drive blade agitators
with adapted output depending on still size. Subsequent installation possible.

Fully-automatic pre-, mid- and post-flow separating device
The pre-flow is separated automatically. The mid-flow automatically switches to post-flow once the configured alcohol concentration has been reached.
The separating device is made from stainless steel. Electrical connection: 220V.
The device runs internally with 24 V and is therefore very reliable.
Without magnet valves.

Polyphosphate sluice
to prevent calcium deposits in the pipelines, cooler, and dephlegmator

Complete spare parts programme for your distillation unit, for other brands as well

Ball valve, taps, screw connections, seals, sight glasses and much more

Mediation of distillation rights

  • softens water, prevents clouding of spirits
  • device operates without pressure, made from PVC
  • Output: approx. 600l at 20°C dH
  • afterwards, the resin filling must be regenerated

  • Pump drive: AC motor 220 V
  • Rotation speed: 2900 R/min
  • Output: 0.35 kW
  • Conveying capacity: 1,000 l/h
  • Filter housing: Stainless steel
  • Pump: Stainless steel
  • available with a 220mm diameter
  • suitable distillates, spirits, liquors, wine and cider
  • Output 60 – 120 l/h

  • Layer filter 20×20 cm, movable
  • Frame, drip tray, end plate, connections, tap and centrifugal pump made from stainless steel
  • Filter plate made from food-safe plastic
  • Output: 300 – 500 l/h