Washing, conveying, crushing

Fruit cleaning unit … with grinding mill … with built-in fruit masher

Washing, conveying, crushing


Absolutely reliable and hygienically flawless. Whether with or without the integrated grinding mill, the stainless steel fruit washing unit manufactured by us is ideal for apples and pears. Quick switching of the cutting sieves ensures a high level of flexibility when switching from rough to fine grinding.

with grinding mill

  • ideal for washing, conveying, crushing apples and pears
  • with large washing container
  • can be operated from the left or the right
  • the folding central cover makes cleaning easy
  • the cutting sieves can be switched easily – for rough and fine mash consistencies
  • also available with overfill protection and feeder bowl
  • rotatable

without grinding mill

  • the fruit is conveyed via the elevator into the masher with a mash pump


 OutputSize (L x W x H)
H2000up to 2.000 kg/h1.800 x 590 x 2.200 mm
H6000up to 6.000 kg/h1.800 x 880 x 2.450 mm

Holstein brand

The tried and tested inclined conveyor from Holstein, for washing and conveying apples and pears. The conveyor speed can be continuously regulated.
Solid and reliable – naturally stainless steel.

  • ideal for gently conveying fully ripe Wiliams pears, apples, stone fruit and berries
  • the washed fruit is conveyed directly to the straining machine or to the masher
  • stainless steel design
  • mobile
  • with continuous speed regulation
  • fresh water rinse connection on conveyor belt
  • optional: Extension on ejector
  • Output: 1,500 kg/h
  • Dimensions: 2,500 x 660 x 2,250 mm (L x W x H)

Model with built-in fruit masher

A fruit masher can be optimally integrated with the inclined conveyor. With custom-fit integration into the production process, perfectly adapted to the technology, with strong motor performance and naturally – made from stainless steel

  • optimum mash refinement of stone fruit for distilling purposes and juice production
  • the fruit masher is easy to disassemble
  • the washed and crushed fruit is conveyed directly to the hydro-press, belt press or pump