Pump accessories

  • made completely from stainless steel
  • with large balloon tyres
  • with extendible dividing walls, prevents spilling over during transport
  • max. fill content 240 litres
  • low construction, fits under every mash outlet

Fruit funnel for mash pumps
various sizes depending on pump type

Complete spare parts programme / repairs
for pump brands Allweiler, Netzsch, Kiesel, e.g. stators, rotors and hinges

Plastic spiral hose for mash
with red spiral for greater demands

Heat-resistant rubber spiral hose
with wire spiral for hot stillage

Rubber hoses
for water, must, corn stillage high quality

Threaded hose fittings
brass, 1/3 screw connection, NW 65, NW 50

Hose fittings with union nut
brass, 2/3 screw connection, NW 65/ NW 65, NW 65/ NW 50

Adaptor piece
brass, NW 65/ 90 mash thread

Bend fitting
stainless steel, NW 65

Mash curve
stainless steel, fits mash hose, for mounting at the filling inlet