Producing, filling & storing juice

for hot and cold filling of fruit and vegetable juices

  • for hobby and semi-professional application
  • cuts stone fruits into rough pieces
  • ideal degree of crushing for the production of juices, in combination with hydro-presses
  • ideal for apples, pears and quinces
  • easy to clean and transport
  • funnel and base made from durable PE-plastic
  • stainless steel cutting unit, reversing blades – that can be re-sharpened – made from hardened stainless steel
  • Motor: 230V, 50 Hz, Output 2.2 kW, Rotation speed 2,800 R/min.
  • Connection: 230V, 50 Hz, shock-proof plug
  • Output approx. 1,000 kg/h

Height: 1,250mm; Length: 514 mm; Width: 586 mm; Outlet height: 380 mm; Weight: 25 kg


GFK-rectangular containers – Colour: green

Height: 100mm; Length: 780 mm; Width: 520 mm; Outlet height: 300 mm; Weight: 7 kg

For hot and cold filling of fruit and vegetable juices, table model design with stainless steel substructure intended for filling bags with a filling volume of up to 10 litres.

  • complete stainless steel design
  • ergonomic control panel and clear temperature display (boiler, juice entry temperature)
  • with pivoting filling unit with pneumatic closing valve
  • easy to set-up / change the filling mass
  • height-adjustable bag holder
  • automatic quantity measurement: 3 l, 5 l, 10 l
  • Filling capacity at 600 l/h (with 10 l bags)

The new packaging for your juices and wines.

  • air-tight PE-pouch with spigot
  • Available with content of 3 l, 5 l, 10 l, 20l
  • Shelf life: unopened approx. 1 year, opened approx. 3 months

  • Output 600 l/h
  • Stainless steel lining with weighing unit, ensuring precise quantity calculation
  • for hot and cold filling of fruit and vegetable juices
  • to fill bags with a filling volume of 10 l
  • compact stainless steel design
  • pivoting filling unit with pneumatic closing valve
  • easy to set-up and change the filling mass
  • clear monitoring and display units

The double motor can filter has been specially developed to separate solid substances from liquid media.
The double motor can filter consists of 2 can sieve inserts and 4 butterfly valves, which guarantee continuous operation through the alternating operation of the can. Two additional butterfly valves are mounted beside waste drainage. The pressure in the can being used is displayed by the pressure gauge. The more the pressure rises, the more surface is moistened at the can.
The solid substances are removed when taken out of the pipe using the rubber lip mounted on the can sieve inserts.

  • continuous operation
  • easy to operate
  • fast cleaning
  • quick switching between sieves
  • waste drainage
  • available in various sizes
  • can sieve insert (50% more sieve surface than perforated sheet)
  • with mobile frame
  • made completely from stainless steel
  • various sieve sizes

All-in-one – a multi-talented device.

  • up to 150 and/or 300 l/h (double pasteurisation)
  • 3 functions in one device
  • storage tank
  • heater and filler
  • simple, safe operation
  • no chance of temperature fluctuations
  • Work table or movable frame

For all fruit and vegetable juices.
Complete unit with self-priming juice pump, stainless steel tube heat exchanger and automatic temperature control. Heats up quickly thanks to the efficient boiler. Available with gas or oil burner. All parts that come in contact with the juice are made from stainless steel. Compact design, simple operation, easy to clean

ProfiPa 350350 l/h und 25 kW Heizleistung
ProfiPa 550550 l/h und 40 kW Heizleistung
ProfiPa 700700 l/h und 52 kW Heizleistung

What makes this unit special is the 40 meter long, vertically mounted stainless steel juice spiral. It gives this unit the following advantages:

  • Output: 600 l/h
  • very low temperature difference: water / fruit juice
  • the juice spiral can be cleaned easily and efficiently
  • unit maintenance requires minimal effort

other features

  • Specialised boiler: 48kW, for fast heat-up time
  • gas or oil burner
  • automatic temperature regulation
  • balancing valve
  • heat exchanger line made from acid-resistant stainless steel V4a
  • Dimensions: 2,100 x 880 x 1,300 mm ( H x W x D )
  • optional: Stainless steel juice storage container

For pasteurisation and filling of fruit juices. The fruit juice is gently heated via a tube heat exchanger. With electronic temperature regulator and overheating protection. All standard bottle types can be filled.
The filling process starts on its own when the bottle is inserted and stops automatically when the bottle is full. Can be optionally expanded to bag-in-box filling.

 Type THA 100-9Type THA 100-18
electrical connection9 kW18 kW
Number of filling valves12
Output /hbis 130 l/hbis 200 l/h
Water storage container100 l100 l
Juice storage container65 l65 l
Dimensions (diameter x height)440 x 1.580 mm440 x 1.580 mm
Weight41 kg43 kg