useful accessories

  • made from high-grade stainless steel, seamless
  • with base ring and engraved litre scale

  • ideal for storing and transporting distillates, liquors, edible oils, wine, juice, etc.
  • with two handles
  • seamless welding, (not flanged), no deposits between the container walls and base
  • made from high-grade stainless steel
  • with rounded base edges
  • easy to clean
  • with seal and protective cap
  • with welded tap fitting 1/2″
  • Content: 5l, 10l, 15l, 30l, 50l, 75l, 100l

  • no draining or with draining plus hose and spring clip
  • air filter and stackable wooden frame made from coniferous wood available as accessories
  • Content: 5l, 10l, 15l, 25l, 30l

  • made from plastic (PE)
  • Colour: blue, food-safe
  • black clamping lid
  • Content:
    • 30l with handles
    • 60l with handles
    • 120l
    • 220l

  • made from high-molecular low-pressure polyethylene (HD-PeE)
  • food-safe
  • fill inlet NW 400mm with screw cap
  • stable steel pipe frame
  • three-time stacking is possible during storage, two-time stacking is possible during transport
  • stable wood pallet
  • replaceable discharge valve 2″
  • sealed screw cap with seal ring, with drainage elbow
  • L x W x H = 120 x 100 x 117 cm

  • with clear outflow
  • Option: available without feet or with feet and residue drainage
  • available as a container without floating lid and snap-on lid (available as accessory)
  • for careful storage of wines, fermented ciders and liquors
  • for careful cider and fruit mash fermentation process
  • surface protection against oxidation and mycoderma with floating lid
  • seal with inflatable silicone hose
  • protection against dirt and dust with the snap-on lid
  • Content: 220l, 290l, 300l, 530l, 675l, 1,100l, 1,600l, larger sizes on request

  • for storing distillates, liquor and other liquids
  • with clear outflow
  • Filling mandrel: 220mm
  • Option: available without feet or with feet and residue drainage
  • order outlet tap separately
  • larger containers available on request
  • Content: 100l, 240l, 330l, 525l, 625l

made from food-safe polyethylene

25 lCarboy28 cm51 cm
50 lCarboy36 cm60 cm


5 lWide neck canister18 cm14 cm28 cm
11 lWide neck canister22 cm18 cm36 cm
5 lWide neck canister19 cm15 cm25 cm
10 lWide neck canister23 cm19 cm31 cm
20 lWide neck canister28 cm24 cm39 cm

  • made from food-safe polyethylene
  • conical design
  • sturdy and impact-resistant design
  • can be stacked on top of each other when empty
  • stacking corners prevent individual containers from getting stuck
  • with immersion edge and lid
  • the immersion lid seals air-tight with an immersion edge that can be filled with liquid; fermentation gases can escape
  • Also ideal for storing sauerkraut. The water edge guarantees that the container is closed air-tight. Sauerkraut remains clean and appetizing.
Contentlower diameterupper diameter with edgeheight
680 l91 cm118 cm91 cm
1.000 l102 cm128 cm123 cm

  • made from food-safe polyethylene
  • ideal for storing fruit mash
  • rectangular, space-saving design
  • includes: 1 Filling Mandrel NW 400, closable, various supports made from galvanised steel
  • when setting up the tank ensure that it lies completely flush with the entire ground area
  • Fill level visible from outside
1.100 l140 cm72 cm140 cm
1.500 l156 cm72 cm164 cm
2.000 l207 cm72 cm169 cm
2.500 l187 cm100 cm165 cm
3.000 l223 cm100 cm165 cm
4.000 l243 cm100 cm195 cm

Steel flange galvanised
with threaded nipple (1″, 2″, 2 1/2″), seal and screws

Brass ball valve (1″, 2″, 2 1/2″) nickel-plated
with both sides R-IG