Bottle filling

Accessories for distillation units

  • for quick and easy filling of juices, wine, cider, distillates, oil and sauces
  • Output: up to 200 bottles/h
  • suitable for bottles from 0.2l – 1.0l
  • adjustable fill level
  • automatic switch-off

The vacuum filler is a universal filling unit with 4 stainless steel filling valves for wine, schnapps, oil, fruit juices, etc.
The built-in vacuum pump draws the air out of the bottle, the resulting vacuum enables the filling process and the liquid does not touch any mechanical parts.

Dimensions: 450 x 670 x 470 mm
Connection: 230 V, 50 Hz
Bottle height: up to approx. 40 cm
Output: 155 W
Capacity: approx. 600 bottles/h
Weight: approx. 22 kg


  • Output: up to 600 bottles/h
  • for cold and hot filling
  • fills bottles to the brim
  • no suction
  • can be adjusted to any bottle height
  • can be combined with bag-in-box filling

Suitable for semi-automatic washing of the inside and outside of bottles with various sizes and diameters.
The ergonomically designed casing plus the frame are made from stainless steel.
The machine consists of two washing units.

Rated output: approx. 400 bottles/h